Zodiac Signs

  Aries    Taurus   Gemini    Cancer    Leo    Virgo    Libra    Scorpio    Sagittarius    Capricorn    Aquarius    Pisces


The importance of astrology is still well known to many cultures. The people of India and China put great stock in astrology even today. They practice the art of astrology in their daily lives, and base major decisions on the science. Knowing about your Zodiac sign has been a key to knowing information about your birth month and meaning acording to Astrology.

Aries-March 21 - April 19

Taurus-April 21- May 20

Gemini-May 21- June 20

Cancer-June 21- July 20

Leo-July 21- August 21

Virgo- August 22- September 22

Libra-September 23- Oct 22

Scorpio- October 23- November 22

Sagittarius- November 23- December 20

Capricorn- December 21- January 19

Aquarius-June 20- Febuary 18

Pisces-Febuary 19- March 20