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"Every story I create, creates me. I write to create myself." - Octavia E. Butler



Hello, my name is Jayden Boatright. I'm a student of AJCHS in Anna, IL, and also a story creator in the making. For a while now, I've been coming up with ideas for stories and have been working to share them with the world, though not as an author. Below are overviews for some of the stories I've created, so you can see for yourselves, the kind of stories that I make. (Stories with Project in front of their names mean that the title is either temporary or still be worked on)



Project: Vanish

The story begins as a victim of a car accident, a young girl named Alice, wakes up from her coma to find that her father has gone missing. At first she doesn't see it as a problem, but as time passes she becomes more and more worried. As she searches the city for her father, Alice encounters two government agents who tell her that her father has been kidnapped by terrorists, enraged by this Alice insists on coming along with them so she can find her father and manages to stow herself in their vehicle, she then finds herself in the middle of a fight between the government and the terrorist group known to most as The Reapers, as she tries to locate her father in the midst of all the chaos. A thrilling story that shows that some are willing to do anything to help the ones they love.


Zero Limit

This story begins in a small forest village, as a young boy named Haru gets lost outside the village, he soon finds himself in the forbidden part of the forest where he finds a gem emitting a fiery aura. The moment he picks it up, his life is changed forever as he is quickly taken away from his home by Richard Stone, an archeologist who studies ancient legends. 5 years later Haru finds himself traveling the world to stop an ancient threat from rising again, with the help of his friends, he'll try to burst through whatever's harming the Earth to prove that he has Zero Limits. An action packed adventure story that shows that heroes can come from the unlikeliest of places and be the unlikeliest of people.



The story opens to a man, named Victor Ryker, being thrown into a corrupt high security prison after he had been framed by his close friend for a crime that would result in execution. As time passes Victor learns that there is a way he can escape death and prove his innocence, by fighting against other prisoners in a high stakes fight club within the prison called The Deadlock, Victor finds himself battling the deadliest convicts alive, and if he's to prove he's innocent, bring in the one who framed him. A prison story with multiple twists and turns that proves that even the innocent can be locked away.


Project: Nightmares

The story begins as a young man, who can't remember his name, wakes up in a world not quite like Earth. After wandering he soon learns he is in the Dream Realm, where all dreams exist, and that it's being plagued by Nightmares. He soon finds himself dragged into the fight by residents of the Dream Realm after accidently destroying one, gaining a memory back in the process. Now named Kain by his new friends, he decides to protect the Dream Realm from the Nightmares, as a way to get his memories back, while unaware of what he truly is. A story that shows that everyone has a purpose and that destinies can be altered.


Student of Death

Leonard Howards was your typical gangster trying to provide for his family, then one day the people he worked with, a bunch of arms smugglers and drug dealers, decided that they no longer needed him. So they killed him, right in front of his family, and soon Leonard found himself in the Afterlife where he met Death... literally. Death had grown somewhat tired of collecting souls and bringing them to the next life, so it felt that Leonard could help by becoming a Reaper. Surprised by this Leonard tried to refuse but quickly changed his mind when he learned that he could take down his old colleagues and send them to where they belong. Now learning to harness his Reaper powers, Leonard begins his training as a Student of Death. A story that proves that even criminals with the blackest of hearts, can find redemption.